Employee Testimonials

As you read these employee testimonials, you’ll learn something about how we do business. You’ll see that we really do value people. It’s our firm belief that we can’t provide the quality you deserve if we aren’t a quality company within.

Here’s what current Highstreet employees have to say about working here:

At Highstreet, I love the interaction with management, human resources, administrative staff, and recruiters – this is a great team to work with where everyone wants to be here and do their best. There are great opportunities and I feel I have an incredible career and not just a job. We have a well-balanced structure and we don’t have a communication wall – this company strives to make this a great place to work where you want to do your best. Management gives us an appropriate amount of autonomy yet enough support to make us feel valued and backed in our work. I love this company and I’m so glad I joined this team!

Amy P.

Principal Consultant

I’ve worked for other consulting giants, but at Highstreet, work-life balance is an actual thing! At Highstreet, I’ve had opportunities that I never would have had at larger firms. Highstreet has one of the most positive working environments I’ve ever experienced.

Kirstin S.

Sr. Principal Consultant

Joining the Highstreet team has been the best decision of my professional career. The family-like corporate culture not only provides a welcoming work environment, but also a team of peers and executives that are accessible, professional, and invested in me from a personal perspective. At Highstreet, I know my professional expertise is valued because it is requested on a regular basis to assist with sales calls, to assist team members on other projects with complex requirements, and to determine best-practice implementation and project management solutions for our customers. The work-life balance Highstreet provides me is unparalleled in today’s workforce.

Burke R.

Principal Consultant

I am grateful to have finally found my place within an organization that allows for my personal development while providing the best opportunity to leverage my experience and skills. Highstreet gives the support, training and hands-on exposure while immediately letting you succeed. Your area of expertise is expanded through the network of experienced professionals all eager to help, learn and grow together. I’ve definitely found a home.

Alexander H.

Principal Consultant

Highstreet has provided me the opportunity to work with top notch talent from the support team to the project teams. The teamwork mindset is what has always appealed to me. Everyone will do what it take to make the project a success.

Donna C.

Sr. Principal Consultant

Highstreet provides challenging opportunities with a positive and encouraging environment to grow professionally and personally. I enjoy working for and with this team of amazing people!

Bharati M.

Principal Consultant