Highstreet’s FastTrack implementation offering allows Colleges and Universities to realize the benefits of their Oracle Student Financial Planning (SFP) implementation in record timing and at record low cost. The FastTrack implementation is an out-of-the-box implementation of SFP that allows for a successful implementation in as little as just one month. 

Highstreet has perfected this system for our highly motivated customers. Our experts can help you achieve this too, but there are some things your organization should have prepared before the implementation starts.  

Is FastTrack Right for You?

✔️ Have you identified Oracle Cloud Student Financial Planning as your financial aid solution of choice in order to provide your institution with the efficiencies and cost savings that come with it? 

✔️ Is your institution highly motivated to begin processing financial aid in your new cloud-based system with minimal disruption to your students?

✔️ Do you have a dedicated team available for the duration of the project? Seasoned technical resources with broad familiarity of the existing student information system expedite the implementation process.

Download our guide to see how to prepare for your FastTrack implementation of Student Financial Planning.