Financial Services

Information Technology (IT) enables the Financial Services industry.

Without information technology (IT), it would be impossible for financial services firms to manage the sheer volume of transactions and the enormous volume of data required to deliver services effectively.

But this great enabler is also financial services’ greatest vulnerability and threat. Data simply cannot be lost or stolen, and every second that operations are interrupted may cost millions.

Reliability, security, and efficiency are all critical to success in this most fast-paced core industry. Having the right IT services provider delivering the right consulting and application services as efficiently and effectively as possible has a direct and meaningful impact on the bottom line, for financial services companies and their clients.

Highstreet provides a full suite of scalable and reliable industry-specific IT solutions and services that include managed applications, cloud, infrastructure hosting, and consulting services.

How we’re helping our clients…

A Global Credit Union Empowers Users

A Global Credit Union recently built upon a fully-integrated PeopleSoft HCM solution that was capable of supporting significant domestic and international growth with new self-service functionality.

Highstreet upgraded the current system to PeopleSoft v9.2 and implemented new functionality around MSS/ESS to allow employees and managers to better handle benefits, leave requests, reporting, and retiree/contingent worker management.

A Financial Services Company Sees the Cost Benefits of Hosted Applications.

A Large Financial Services Company implemented the Oracle Financials Accounting Hub (FAH) application as part of a finance transformation project.

The company brought Highstreet into support and host the FAH environment. Highstreet has developed the instance on its private cloud and the FAH instance is now fully supported, saving the company infrastructure costs and resource time.

A Large Mortgage Lender Boosts its Financial Systems with FAH

A Large Mortgage Lender needed to implement Oracle Financials Accounting Hub (FAH) to enhance its Sub-Ledger Systems performance.

Highstreet was engaged to implement and deploy FAH including production support, development, user testing, and documentation.

The FAH system allows the Mortgage Lender to reduce data and system redundancy, improved reconciliation and internal controls and have an integrated view of detailed accounting data across business units which improve analytical reporting capabilities.

A Large Bank Meets Regulatory Changes with FAH

A Large Bank needed to make modifications to its current Oracle Financials Accounting Hub (FAH) implementation to account for regulatory changes.

Highstreet was brought in to make the FAH modifications, as well as develop the foundation for other legacy source systems to integrate via FAH to PeopleSoft GL.

The bank was able to meet the regulatory reporting deadline with the assistance provided by Highstreet.

A Large Financial Services Company Transforms Its Financials Environment

A Financial Services Company decided to overhaul its financial IT environment. The transformation included the deployment of PeopleSoft Financials along with Oracle Financials Accounting Hub (FAH).

Highstreet was engaged to implement FAH to integrate the company’s legacy systems with the new PeopleSoft Financials environment.

The company looks forward to having a fully integrated financials platform which will include feeds from multiple legacy systems.