As critical as quality healthcare is to patients, so is quality information technology (IT) to the healthcare industry.

Investing in great healthcare information technology (IT) has many benefits that include:

  • Improving patient outcomes and safety,
  • Reduction of data entry and other errors,
  • Improved wellness and procedure success rates,
  • Information about the performance of medications,
  • Streamlined billing and insurance benefits management,
  • Optimization of the processes around materials management and usage,
  • Protection of patient privacy.

Implementing and embracing new technologies accelerates a health care organization’s progress toward these goals.

Getting there requires expert consulting, planning, and systems design coupled with guidance in the preparation of business cases. Realizing success requires similar expertise in deploying and implementing those plans with expert service and support for proper long-term care.

How we’re helping our clients…

Health System Reinvigorates its IT Environment

In some cases, the best way to ensure an organization is getting the most value out of their systems is to take a completely fresh look. Highstreet was asked to partner with a highly recognized and award-winning West Coast Health System to do a ‘reimplementation’ of its PeopleSoft FSCM and HCM systems.

The outcome will be better utilization and organizational fit for the PeopleSoft systems and an improved return on their investment. This project will provide the organization with the functional and mobile enhancements and process improvements that are necessary to support current and future initiatives.

Healthcare Provider Enhances PeopleSoft System Functionality

A Healthcare Provider wanted to upgrade its PeopleSoft system to enhance functionality across the enterprise. The Healthcare Provider partnered with Highstreet for its PeopleSoft HCM v9.2 upgrade including Workcenters and Fluid/Mobile capabilities.

Several benefits realized include modifying the existing configuration and business processes to better meet evolving business requirements, an enhanced end-user experience, and process automation through improved integration and mobile functionality.

Medical Center Transitions to PeopleSoft

A Medical Center was looking for an application that could replace its legacy system and be more reliable, efficient, and user-friendly. Highstreet was brought on to implement PeopleSoft Financial, SCM, and HCM v9.2 in order to fully migrate the Medical Center off a legacy system.

The partnership with Highstreet allows The Medical Center to optimize its business processes, enhance functionality across the enterprise, seamlessly integrate with third-party systems, improve overall user satisfaction, and see the bottom line in real time.