Technology is blurring the lines between wholesale distribution and the retailer. 

Today it’s improtant to deliver multi-channel experiences across the entire shopping landscape. Retail operations benefit from new information technolgies (IT) with improved point-of-sale (POS) transaction and data collection services, improved inventory control systems, improved back-end accounting and much more.

On the marketing side, end-to-end retail management solutions deliver personalized multi-channel experiences across the shopping landscape. It is critical to maintain consistent brand recognition using in-store and e-commerce solutions. Opportunities abound in serving customer needs with point-of-sale, web-based e-commerce and mobile solutions to create customer loyalty, improve cash flow, optimize merchandising and increase overall profitability.

Today, with technology blurring the lines between wholesale distribution and the retailer, the two sectors are driving greater profitability by consolidating the supply chain from manufacturing to wholesaling and finally delivering the product to the consumer.

Highstreet technology services and support for retail organizations offer:

  • Comprehensive services for the full product lifecycle including rollouts, installation/de-installation, ongoing maintenance, break fix, help desk, and reverse logistics
  • Proven ability to support multi-vendor products throughout a distributed retail environment
  • Single source servicing for all your technology support challenges, enabling you to integrate logistics with onsite and remote support—all from one proven service provider
  • Scalability to manage high touch/low volume and low touch/high volume rollouts, as well as seasonal-specific projects