Hosting & Cloud Services

The imperative that your company’s data must remain “within these four walls” is long over.

Survey after survey shows that executives sleep better at night knowing their company data is being protected by a cloud, co-location, or hosting provider. Why? Because service providers run these services for a living and spend far more on sophisticated security than they ever could. So, stop worrying about protecting your data and start sleeping soundly with Highstreet’s Hosting & Cloud Service options.

Highstreet’s Hosting & Cloud options were built and developed to give you greater flexibility, security, support new business models, and provide more data deployment options.

Pick the option that best suits your needs:

Your Own Infrastructure – Highstreet gives you the option to keep IT operations in your own facility.

Co-Location – our Co-Location venues are purpose-built, secure and served with the best possible network access, consistent electrical power, and cooling.

Hosting – we’ll dedicate equipment specifically to your company and run your software for you.

Cloud Services – realize tremendous economies of scale when you pool and share resources to run IT operations in the cloud. At Highstreet, sharing resources and costs means you end up paying far less for high-quality resources and services than you could obtain otherwise. With vast advancements in cloud security and performance over the past few years, many of your IT Operations are well served in the Cloud.

Data Center Services

The benefits of co-locating your data center offsite allows you to focus on your business success.


App Centric Resources

The Highstreet Hybrid Cloud was built with the design principals of enabling enterprise applications to extend from the client on-premise model to the cloud. Highstreet Hybrid Cloud offers the choice of multiple instance types, operating systems, and software packages.


Highstreet allows clients to provide their own software licenses which allow them to extend their investment.


Highstreet has deployed a Tier 1 multi-vendor approach when it comes to networking for our locations. The reachability methodology that Highstreet deploys does not relay on one single network provider nor a single network path.

Security Configuration

Securely configured systems help keep your data safe, make your environment harder to penetrate, and better protect business-critical data.

PeopleSoft Hosting

We offer a PeopleSoft private cloud which is fit for the purpose of  for hosting your applications.

Continuous Monitoring

Staying ahead of external attacks, malicious insiders, and costly fraud demands continuous security and compliance monitoring, fast incident response and the ability to detect and respond to known, unknown and advanced threats.

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Deployment Options

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