Hybrid Monitoring Services

24x7x365 Application Monitoring

Highstreet follows an application monitoring approach and methodology to provide a holistic approach to monitoring client environments. This 24x7x365 managed service is location agnostic and allows for clients to have a view across all assets and applications. Our Remote Network operations run 24x7x365, monitor converged technologies, networks, systems, and applications for performance and security. Learn more


Application Insight

Provides application monitoring for on premise and Cloud applications. Highstreet has specific Oracle EBS & PeopleSoft templates that are regularly updated and based upon years of Oracle management experience.

Application Performance Monitoring

Helps provide a loyalty-building user experience. APM has an innovative ability to speed and simplify the triage of performance problems so problems can be found before they impact the end user.

Network Monitoring

Remote Managed Services Operation Center 24x7x365, monitoring converged technologies, networks, systems and applications for performance and security.

API Insight

Allows clients to monitor the lifeline of Hybrid IT APIs. Whether you use REST, SOAP, or others, we help you gain insight into the API tools you utilize.

End User Insight

Allows Highstreet to create specific behavioral scripts that will act as end users to ensure your applications are performing as expected.

Hybrid Asset Insight

Provides insightful monitoring on most COTS packages, security, and network to virtual assets.
Network Operations Center (NOC)

Deployment Options

Public Cloud