Why Move to Oracle Cloud Applications?

Most Oracle application users are not questioning why they should move to the cloud, but rather when and how.

If you’re looking to modernize your business with the hopes of increased IT agility, ease of use for the end user, and the ability to make quick, informed decisions, you’re faced with several options – move to a cloud ERP, continue to invest in on-premise ERP solutions, or utilize a hybrid model to gain the benefits of both.

Cloud Success Stories

City of Eugene

City of Eugene implements Oracle’s Planning and Budgeting Cloud System.

University of Kansas

University of Kansas (KU) integrates Oracle Cloud ERP with existing PeopleSoft HCM and Campus Solutions.

Leveraging deep Oracle expertise, Highstreet is transforming its clients’ ERP and HR platforms.

Highstreet is recognized by Oracle as an Oracle Platinum Partner and Oracle Standard Cloud Partner for our in-depth expertise and excellence in implementing and managing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Capital Management (HCM) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) applications within the commercial, higher education, and public sector.

Is the Cloud right for my organization?

There are generally two types of Cloud ERP customers: first-time ERP buyers and ERP replacement buyers, each with different criteria for selecting an ERP system. If you’re a first time ERP buyer, chances are your organization is looking for speed, agility, and scalability. However, if you are a current PeopleSoft customer who is considering upgrading to version 9.2 or moving to the Cloud, functionality and stability are likely the most important features for your organization. Luckily, Highstreet can meet your needs.

Should I upgrade to PeopleSoft 9.2?

Oracle’s commitment to PeopleSoft continues. Building from a proven 25-year history of best-in-class solutions, PeopleSoft includes more than 1,000 new features, functions, and enhancements. Delivering revolutionary innovation, PeopleSoft 9.2 provides solutions that are simpler and more intuitive to use, functionally complete, and lower the total cost of ownership.

Is a hybrid model the best choice?

A hybrid solution provides the infrastructure benefits of the cloud without sacrificing existing investments in on-premise applications. Some organizations choose to keep ‘mission critical’ environments on-premise, while utilizing cloud-based offerings for systems that can benefit from mobility and that require flexibility. You choose what will work best for your organization.

Does your organization have enormous volumes of incoming records and complex, multi-layer accounting rules?

It may be time to consider Oracle’s Accounting Hub Cloud Solution (AHCS).

AHCS is the perfect solution for high volume business transactions that require complex accounting rules involving:

• revenue recognition,
• forecasting revenue,
• account reconciliation,
• cash management.

Done well, AHCS will fully automate accounting entry creation, reduce close timing, and provide significantly improved financial reporting.

Highstreet has a long history of successfully implementing Oracle Accounting Hub solutions for a variety of businesses and can do the same for you. Let us help you understand the benefits that will allow your organization to gain the greatest value from this tool.

Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud can be implemented alongside existing non-Oracle transactional and other ERP systems to create accounting entries in Oracle general ledgers (e.g. Financials Cloud, E-Business Suite, and PeopleSoft general ledgers) or in other non-Oracle general ledger systems.

Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud offers a smooth transition to cloud computing, allowing customers to continue their financial operations on existing systems without disruption while centralizing critical accounting information for management decisions, audit, and compliance into a central cloud service for easy access across the globe.

Modern Financials with Oracle Cloud

Organizations are facing pressure to make technology advancements that grow their business while controlling costs, standardizing business processes, and staying compliant. Oracle ERP Cloud provides flexible cloud solutions that empower your teams while maximizing the value of your IT investment.

Why Oracle ERP Cloud?

  • Simplifies, standardizes, and automates business processes with a flexible business platform – helping you take full advantage of growth opportunities.
  • Enables your workforce to collaborate, analyze, and work on the go – accelerating performance.
  • Empowers timely, insightful, role-based decisions with embedded intelligence for everyone.
  • Reduces costs and makes smarter use of resources by eliminating expensive upgrade cycles.

Modern HR in the Cloud

For companies worldwide, simplifying and modernizing systems is increasingly central to success. Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud (HCM) allows organizations to realize the full potential of their employees through talent management, social relationship management, and global human resource functions.

Why Oracle HCM Cloud?

  • Delivers a complete, compliant, and global HCM suite that helps drive productivity.
  • Provides the right business intelligence and technology to drive insight.
  • Enables organizations to attract, motivate, and reward talent in alignment with the business.
  • Allows companies to focus on innovation rather than maintenance.

Highstreet is proud to hold the following Oracle specializations.