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Data & Network Security will never be “set-it-and-forget-it.”

In fact, it never has been. With so many data types stored in so many different places, accessed by so many different users on so many different devices, the job of keeping everything safe from theft or damage becomes more challenging every day.

With statistics showing us that companies whose networks are breached lose an average of $5.9 million for each breach, and three out of four companies who are taken out of operation by a breach never return to business, effective security is not optional, it’s a must.


Advance Malware

Employ a unique threat intelligence database containing advanced and evasive attack information identified as having breach intent.

Continuous Monitoring

Staying ahead of external attacks, malicious insiders, and costly fraud demands continuous security and compliance monitoring, fast incident response and the ability to detect and respond to known, unknown and advanced threats.

File Integrity Monitoring

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) has the unique, built-in capability to reduce noise by providing multiple ways of determining low- risk change from high-risk change as part of assessing, prioritizing and reconciling detected change.

Security Configuration

Securely configured systems help keep your data safe, make your environment harder to penetrate, and better protect business-critical data.

Log Management

Management that ensures you meet regulations around complete, secure and reliable log collection. Advanced technology delivers encrypted, compressed logs, keeping data safe from interception, alteration, and deletion.

Vulnerability Assessment

Discover devices, software and applications for a comprehensive view of your network. Using a unique vulnerability scoring system, identify the most important vulnerabilities fast and address them immediately.

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Security Assessment

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