Industry Successes


As critical as quality healthcare is to patients, so is quality information technology (IT) to the healthcare industry. Great healthcare IT can improve patient outcomes and patient safety, reduce entry and other errors, improve wellness and procedure success rates, inform about the performance of medications, streamline billing and insurance benefit management, optimize the processes around materials management and usage, and protect the privacy of patients.

Implementing and embracing new technologies accelerates a healthcare organization’s progress toward these values. Getting there requires expert consulting, planning, and systems design coupled with guidance in the preparation of business cases. Realizing success requires similar expertise in deploying and implementing those plans with expert service and support for proper long-term care.

Higher Education

Perhaps no data environment is more diverse or difficult to manage and operate than a University Data Center. The user community is composed of so many different kinds of users from students to faculty, staff, and more. New requirements for more resources and even new equipment, new functionality and all needed almost instantly. All of this balanced against flat or declining budgets and a constantly changing array of decision-makers.

More than 175 colleges and universities, with more than 300 campuses, have turned to Highstreet for the guidance and consultation they need to make the best spending and technology choices. A recognized leader in Higher Education for our consulting solutions, Highstreet also provides a comprehensive set of application, management, and field service solutions.

Financial Services

Information Technology (IT) enables Markets and Financial Services. Without IT, it would be impossible to manage the sheer volume of transactions and the enormous volume of data required to deliver financial services effectively. But this great enabler is also financial services’ greatest vulnerability and threat. Data simply cannot be lost or stolen, and every second that operations are interrupted may cost millions.

Reliability, security, and efficiency are all critical to success in this most fast-paced core industry. Having the right IT services provider delivering the right consulting and application services as efficiently and effectively as possible has a direct and meaningful impact on the bottom line, for financial services companies and their clients.

Retail Operations

Retail operations benefit from new information technologies (IT) as well, with improved point-of-sale (POS) transaction and data collection services, improved inventory control systems, improved back-end accounting systems and much more.

On the marketing side, end-to-end retail management solutions deliver personalized multi-channel experiences across the shopping landscape. It is critical to maintain consistent brand recognition using in-store and e-commerce solutions. Opportunities abound in serving customer needs with point-of-sale, web-based e-commerce and mobile solutions to create customer loyalty, improve cash flow, optimize merchandising and increase overall profitability. Technology is blurring the lines between wholesale distribution and the retailer. Today the two sectors are driving greater profitability by consolidating the supply chain from manufacturing to wholesaling and finally delivering the product to the consumer.

Media & Publishing

Information Technology (IT) has completely redefined the meaning of the words “media” and “publishing.” Where movable type and parchment paper were the first true “broadcast” medium, today we have a dizzying array of video, voice, interactive, and other media all publishing news, information, opinion, and much more on a local, regional, national, and global basis. Electronic media has truly been the leveler of the playing field in this Information Age.

Public Sector / Government

Operating under the severe financial restrictions of municipal funding, government agencies must continue to deliver services with higher quality, greater efficiency, and increased transparency. With powerful new opportunities like the dramatic increase in mobile computing and communications, expanded social media presence and participation, and the availability of “big data,” governments must find ways to fund and realize the implementation of these for their constituencies. Federal initiatives all but mandate migration from paper to digital media, but offer few solutions for funding such a transition.

Highstreet works with over 100 state and local government agencies to help them accomplish these goals by providing the application and consulting services they need to develop strategies for effectively leveraging technologies to the benefit of their region.


All of the many ways to source and provide energy, including oil & gas, solar, wind and more, have one thing in common; they all depend upon Information Technology (IT) to help them locate, identify, source, process, and distribute energy to an energy-hungry world. With a booming market, increasing regulatory pressure, cost-control issues and more, energy companies depend more than ever upon having the right processes in place with the right systems supporting them.

Supported by our global delivery model, Highstreet successfully implements monitoring and control systems enterprise resource planning exploration research management and a broad spectrum of application support services designed specifically for energy producers.

Aerospace & Defense

“Mission-critical” truly means life & death in the Aerospace & Defense (A&D) industry. IT systems manage everything from aircraft take-off and landing to the safety and security of systems, vessels, and personnel.

A&D clients recognize and value the investments Highstreet has made, including earning the Oracle Platinum Partner Aerospace and Defense Industry Specialization. A large, leading multinational aerospace manufacturer trusted Highstreet to implement its PeopleSoft Financials system which is DCAA-compliant and interfaced with many other key internal systems. Highstreet also implemented HCM system for the same client that supported over 150,000 employees across more than 50 business units and over 100 Labor Unions.

Wholesale Distribution

Advances in Supply Chain technical support have blurred the distinction between manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and end-user retail solutions. In the new marketplace, all organizations must be able to effectively support all business processes. Within the wholesale business, organizations must enhance visibility across the enterprise to create differentiation, strengthen customer and supplier relationships, and drive cost efficiency. Their interface with retailers must be able to accurately determine proper shelf placement, campaign effectiveness, and predict customer preference trends.