PeopleSoft Cloud Hosting

Private Cloud for PeopleSoft

Highstreet Private Cloud for PeopleSoft service is designed around the end-user experience, rather than just delivery of infrastructure. Our unique Client Engagement Model provides client intimacy and ensures your business outcomes and operational goals are met.

Why Highstreet for PeopleSoft Hosting?


Client Intimacy

Highstreet’s Client Engagement Model ensures customer satisfaction through operational excellence, named resources, and a proven service management and governance process.

Oracle & PeopleSoft Experts

We are application experts and have been an Oracle Platinum Partner since 2011, an Oracle Gold Partner since 2005, and a PeopleSoft Silver Partner since 1998.

Enterprise Grade Hosting

Managed Services and Operational model designed for superior availability, security, end user performance, DR, and integration.

Low Risk Provider

Unmatched depth of experience in migrating and managing PeopleSoft environments.

Highstreet provides a unique experience and expertise to support PeopleSoft in the Cloud:

  • Complete PeopleSoft service provider offering: Implementation, Hosting, and Managed Application Services.
  • Hosting PeopleSoft, Hyperion, and other Oracle applications since 1998.
  • Contract on the availability and performance of the application—the users’ experience—rather than on IT metrics that reflect only a piece of the solution.
  • Use an Uptime Institute Certified Tier 3 Data Center.
  • Built-in compliance with industry regulations: FERPA, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS.
  • Staffed 24x7x365.
  • Personalized attention, comprehensive reporting, and alignment with changing business needs.
  • Oracle Platinum Partner, supporting PeopleSoft systems, with a strong 20+ year relationship.

Turnkey Solution

Our Turnkey Service provides an end to end solution for PeopleSoft applications – supported by our proven Service Management model and backed by strong SLAs.

Technical Architecture

Highstreet designed its’ hosting platform from the ground up to optimize the delivery of PeopleSoft applications. We invested in enterprise grade technology that’s proven to be highly resilient, secure, and provide exceptional performance to our clients. In fact, we often hear them tell us that after migrating to Highstreet, the performance of their environment is noticeably improved.

End User Experience – Application Performance Monitoring

Hightstreet’s many years of running mission critical PeopleSoft environments has taught us that the performance of your end users is the ultimate yardstick by which the success of the application is measured. We have invested in state of art application monitoring tools and a 24x7x365 operation to ensure end user performance is always at the levels your business expects.

Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity, and rapid, seamless recovery in the event of an unexpected disruption is table stakes for today’s PeopleSoft environments. Highstreet has invested in the people, process and technology to enable exceptional Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives. Our Disaster Recovery solution is tested and backed by an industry leading service level agreement.

PeopleSoft Migration Methodology

Highstreet uses a proven transition methodology to help our customers migrate their PeopleSoft applications from their current environments, whether they are internal or third party data centers. Our approach is honed over hundreds of successful projects, significantly reducing the inherent risk of any migration. We are proud of our 100% success rate in delivering client projects.

Client Engagement Model

Highstreet’s Client Engagement Model has been honed over many projects to ensure the right resources are aligned to our customers technical, operational and business stake-holders. With Highstreet, you get a proven24x7x365 model that includes our Service Desk, Global Operations Center, Security Operations Center, and Applications Operations. The result is a high touch, highly responsive model that many other providers, especially large ones, struggle to deliver.


Highstreet’s clients know that they will get a high quality service and that Highstreet will be strictly accountable to meeting its commitments. Our Service Management and Governance approach ensures consistent communication and reporting between Highstreet and the technical, operational and business stake-holders at our clients – ensuring communication at all levels.

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